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Family photography near Brentford

This great family came to my studio the other week. They wanted a family portrait “that was different”. I think we worked well together to acheive this family group that was full of fun and love.



Baby photography near Brentford


Another portrait from last weekend of baby Celia and her dad, Ed. I just love shooting against a dark background, it really brings out the emotion in the photographs, don’t you think?

Composite portraits

Sometimes, a baby is just so cute that the parents find it hard to select which portraits they like the best. One solution to this is to create a composite of their favourites. This is what happened with this little chap.


Now the parents have a lovely wall portrait to grace the walls of their home.

Child photography near Richmond

Child photography near Richmond

This delightful young boy was in our studio recently, we had a great time capturing wonderful pictures of him.