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Child photography near Mortlake

A few days ago, the charming Sarah came to my studio. She was very easy in front of the camera, and her Mummy and Daddy were very happy with the portraits.

child photo6387


Fine art photography near Mortlake

Fine art photography near Mortlake

Yesterday, Shirin and Aariz came to the studio for a session. Shirin mentioned that she really liked our canvas wrap products, and i thought this may be a nice way of presenting her portrait.

Composite portraits

Sometimes, a baby is just so cute that the parents find it hard to select which portraits they like the best. One solution to this is to create a composite of their favourites. This is what happened with this little chap.


Now the parents have a lovely wall portrait to grace the walls of their home.

Child photography near Richmond

Child photography near Richmond

This delightful young boy was in our studio recently, we had a great time capturing wonderful pictures of him.