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Family photography near Uxbridge

Today, I welcomed Kate and Terry into the studio, with their family – 13 in all! We all had a wonderful time, and the children were very well behaved (apart from a few pulled faces).



Silver Sunday

The first Sunday in October is also grandparents day, or, as I like to call it, Silver Sunday. Grandparents are more and more important in the family and in the community as a whole, and we all need to celebrate their contribution. Here is a lovely picture of a great-grandma who visited my studio recently, with one of her twenty-four great-grandchildren – Annie, I hope you have a wonderful day.


Family photography near Richmond

its been a while since i have posted anything, really because i am getting really busy in the studio during the run up to Xmas. Anyway, here is a lovely family who came to the studio recently. We had a great time.


Child photography near Hounslow

Child photography near Hounslow

I have a busy weekend ahead in the studio, so this is just a quick update to showcase Kashvi who came to the studio during the week for her first portrait. She was a little bit shy until she found all the toys I keep hidden away, then she turned into a bundle of fun; however, I like this, more reserved picture.

Family photography near Twickenham

This wonderful family came to my studio recently. We had to take into account that one child suffered from MS, and we still managed to capture a great family portrait.

Family photography near Teddington

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Here is another fun family that came to my studio recently. I think its so important to capture portraits of the whole family, as time marches on, and soon the younger family members fly the nest.

Baby photography near Sheen


Here is another composite portrait of baby, Harry, who came to my studio the other day. I think composites like this are a great way to capture a lot of different expressions, and they look great on the wall in your home.