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Child photography near Richmond

Child photography near Richmond

Another child who visited my studio recently. Great fun was had at the session, and some great portraits were taken.


Fine Art Photography near Ashford

Fine Art Photography near Ashford

Well its the busy season in the studio – I have only seven available studio slots left this year. Today, this delightful girl came into the studio. Apart from her love of dogs and peppermint ice cream, she was a wonderful subject for a fine art portrait.

Family photography near Teddington

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Here is another fun family that came to my studio recently. I think its so important to capture portraits of the whole family, as time marches on, and soon the younger family members fly the nest.

Baby photography near Sheen


Here is another composite portrait of baby, Harry, who came to my studio the other day. I think composites like this are a great way to capture a lot of different expressions, and they look great on the wall in your home.

Fine art photography near Mortlake

Fine art photography near Mortlake

Yesterday, Shirin and Aariz came to the studio for a session. Shirin mentioned that she really liked our canvas wrap products, and i thought this may be a nice way of presenting her portrait.

baby photography in Isleworth


Another little lad who came to my studio last weekend for his first portraits. The session was a gift from a friend who had attended his christening – what a lovely gift to give someone.